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II Landscape Seminar for Historical Gardens “Ruling dynasties and their gardens”

On 2-4 November 2017 II Landscape Seminar for Historical Gardens “Ruling dynasties and their gardens” is organized in the Collection of the Russian Museum in Malaga by the State Russian Museum and Agencia Pública para la Gestión de la Casa Natal de Pablo Ruiz Picasso y Otros Equipamientos Museísticos y Culturales, Malaga, Spain with the assistance of the Committee on State Control, Use and Protection of Historical and Cultural Landmarks of Government of Russia, Saint Petersburg.

The seminar aims to make possible an experience exchange in restoration, maintenance and scientific research of the historical gardens and green territories, as well as the use of the multimedia and modern technologies in promotion of the landscape heritage in the museum sphere and in the use of the green territories of the museum significance for organization of the exhibitions, social and educational projects.

The presentations will be made by the representatives of the landscape scientific communities of France, Germany, the United Kingdom and Georgia, among them the representatives of the European Garden Heritage Network (EGHN) that lists the Summer Garden of the Russian Museum as one of the destinations of its tourism network.

The program of the Seminar includes the lectures of the directors and specialists of the historical gardens and parks of Russia and Europe related to the theme of gardens, created by the ruling dynasties in XVII-XVIII centuries.