Today, April 19, in many countries of the world is SNOWPLOW DAY.

The holiday was established in England since 1984, April 19 was chosen as the date of celebration, so that the flower could open up and appear in all its glory, and for example, in Yakutia, snowdrop day is celebrated almost a month later than the international one – May 18.

These flowers became widespread in the 19th century. Then they began to grow them en masse. Today, snowdrops can be found in many countries, but as a result of the barbaric attitude towards the first-born of spring, wild-growing snowdrops are becoming less and less. In total there are about 20 species and almost all of them are listed in the Red Book. On the day of the snowdrop, environmentalists traditionally remind the inhabitants of the Earth that the flower can disappear, so you should not cut it off for the sake of a one-day bouquet.

In the Summer Garden snow-white snowdrop (lat. Galanthus nivalis L.) blooms, which appeared from under the snow in mid-March.