The complex of gardens of the Russian Museum, in addition to the Summer and Mikhailovsky Gardens, includes the Engineering Square.

The photograph of the 60s of the XIX century shows the monument to Peter I, located on the parade ground of the Engineering Castle.

The platz was covered with sand and was used for conducting classes by students of the Nikolaev Engineering School. In front of the monument, you can see a street lamp powered by oil. Gas lanterns will be installed in front of the castle in the 1870s. The three-span bridge and the facade of the Engineering Castle are clearly visible.

The XXI century has come. The trees planted in 1888-1889 grew and partially covered the facade. The flower beds in front of the monument to Peter appeared during the reconstruction of Klenovaya Street in 1948-1950. In the same period, young linden trees were planted in the horse chestnut alley, created in the 19th century.

So the familiar Engineering Square appeared from the military parade ground.

Enjoy your walks in the square and gardens of the Russian Museum.