Загрузка Мероприятия
Это мероприятие прошло.

On Sunday, September 2, 2018, from 12 to 18 hours, the space of the Summer Garden of the Russian Museum will unite many large and small museums of St. Petersburg, presenting visitors the opportunity to get acquainted with the numerous educational and development programs for children and youth. Guests will be able not only to learn about the museums of the Northern Capital, but also to take part in a variety of master classes, interactive children’s programs, competitions, scientific shows, games, prizes. The program will be complemented by musical and theatrical performances.

Such a holiday of knowledge in the Russian Museum was held in 2016, bringing together 17 museums, and received many positive responses. This year, it is planned to participate in 25 museums and a number of children’s educational institutions.
The joint participation of museums in the festival is unprecedented for our city, the Russian Museum organizes a single space for introducing children of different ages to the history and culture of their native city, acquaintance with the alphabet of art and the basics of art education, literature, the wonders of science and technology, and the development of curiosity, observation and imagination.


1. The State Russian Museum;
2. The State Hermitage;
3. The State Museum-Reserve “Peterhof”;
4. The State Museum-Reserve “Pavlovsk”;
5. Museum “Grand Layout Russia”;
6. Museum-mock-up “Petrovskaya water area”;
7. Historical Park “Russia is My History”;
8. Russian State Museum of the Arctic and Antarctic;
9. Military Medical Museum;
10. Museum of Railways of Russia;
11. Museum of Anna Akhmatova in the Fountain House;
12. The State Museum of Political History of Russia;
13. Military History Museum of Artillery, Engineer and Signal Corps;
14. The State Museum of the History of Religion;
15. All-Russian Museum of AS Pushkin;
16. Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art;
17. The State Museum of Local History “Nevskaya Zastava”;
18. Museum of Faberge;
19. Museum of Applied Art of St. Petersburg State Art and Industry Academy named after AL Stieglitz;
20. Museum complex “The Universe of Water”;
21. Petersburg Puppet Museum;
22. Museum of Spices;
23. The Museum of Emotions;
24. Interactive museum of contemporary art Alexei Sergienko;
25. The Museum of Records and Facts of Titicaca.

Partners of the event:

1. The Leningrad Zoo;
2. Interactive theater-cafe “Trans-Force”;
3. Growth dolls «Piter Kukla»;
4. The company “Erich Krause”;
5. Network of shops “Perekrestok”;
6. Workshop “Art-Contact”;
7. Student club “FisiksLend” of the University ITMO;
8. Kitchen on Wheels “Proteins and carbohydrates”;
9. Ice cream “Cryo Cream”;
10. The network of educational centers “Yunium”;
11. Creative space “Studio 15”;
12. The company “Clever Paper”;
13. Family workshop “Kerama Mama”;
14. Association “Ginza for Kids”;
15. The musical group “PiterKids”;
16. The singer Yulia Kostezh;
17. Travel company “Mir”;
18. Puppet theater “Ridikyl”;
19. Open film studio “Lendok”;
20. The company “PlayPlus”;
21. Tour operator “Petersburg Sonata”;
22. School of Ballet and Fine Arts “Assembly”;
23. Dance Theater “Joy”.

Summer garden. Ticket price 250 rubles for adult visitors, 100 rubles for pensioners and schoolchildren, children under 16 years old free admission.

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