Festival “Imperial Gardens of Russia” is over

June 19, 2017

On Sunday, the Xth Festival “Imperial Gardens of Russia” was completed. In honor of the decade, the festival presented more than 60 compositions and installations, as well as an up-to-date program of performances and concerts that fit exactly into this year’s theme “AVANGARDENS”.

Presented in the exhibition “Imperial Gardens of Russia” projects, such as the sculpture “Cosmonaut” A. Fatkhullina, the figures I. Baskin, “CIRC-CRIC” V.Zagorova, objects V.Votsky and V.Grigoryev-Bashun, peacefully neighbors with Finnish Rey’s bugbears were a special “quiet people” who organically populated the garden space (this work is a “quote” from a huge installation that has been in the Finnish province for 20 years).

“Bather XXI” from the creative association “4/30/9” echoed the composition of the Art-easel – “Walk inside of yourself”, “Walk. Perspective of red color “, and next to it there was the sounding composition of Olga Podolskaya’s gallery” The Heart of the Garden “, coming to the Maslennoy meadow, the visitor could clearly hear the beating of the heart. Red lines – veins – rose along the trunk of the oldest oak tree in the Mikhailovsky Garden. Witness the times, the tree seemed to remind us all about the transience of human life.

On June 11, the president of the Association of Landscape Architects of Russia, professor of the International Academy of Architecture Taisia ​​Volftrub, and the vice-president of the Parks and Gardens Foundation of France, Princess Marie-Sol de Tour d’Auvergne, awarded diplomas and prizes to the festival participants.

8 main festival prizes were awarded to:

Olga Podolskaya’s gallery “Discover Yourself the World -2” and “Heart of the Garden”

School of Design Divina Harmonia project “Ecology of revolution: reconstruction of the world-2”

The project – “The Way of the Vanguard” (a joint project of the Branch of the Russian Museum in Malaga and the landscape company LLC Successful Project),

“The movement of blue. Russian-German Meeting “Senya Verevkin,” Russian-German Meeting Center “(drb), Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany in St. Petersburg, Design Studio A3, with the support of the German Consulate,

SPb HASU for the project “K”,

Gallery Art-Easel «Walk inside of yourself» and «Walk. Perspective of red color “(sculptors Andrey Punin and Vladimir Goffman),

Philanthropic Foundation “Good City Petersburg” and Administration “South Primorsky District” for the installation of “Fragmentarity”

Antonina Fatkhullina for the sculpture “Cosmonaut”.

Special prizes from the Moscow Flower Festival were awarded to the following projects:

Project “Disappearing species” from the company “Landscape”

And the project “Wheel of Education” company “Khmel”.

The prizes from Andreas Steele Marketing, a partner of the festival, were awarded to:

The project “Succession Pyramid” from the company “Home Oasis”

The project “Asters” from the Ecological and Biological Center “Krestovsky Island” of the St. Petersburg Palace of Young Creativity.

Gleb Ershov received the special prize – the 4-volume Encyclopaedia of the Russian Avant-garde from the publishing house “Encyclopedia of the Russian Avant-garde” – as a director and head of a large creative team that embodied the most avant-garde and experimental project of the festival – “Zangezi”.

Special recognition and diplomas were given to: Victor Votsky “Duel”, Igor Baskin “Remember the Shadow – New Monumentalism”, Vladimir Zagorov, Nastya Fomicheva “CRIC – CRIC” and the project “Kazimir Malevich. Suprematism № 58. Yellow and black “from the company Art-facade and Maxid,” Nonconformist open-air “- Pushkinskaya, 10.

Special attention and gifts from ZK “Nevskaya Palette” were marked by social projects:

Boarding school No. 1 of Vyborg district of St. Petersburg for deaf children “Dancing garden”, Psycho-neurological boarding school No. 7 of St. Petersburg “Flower bed” SUPREMATISM “, Boarding school for children with mental disabilities №4 of Saint Petersburg” We love Pavlovsk “, Center for Support of Young People with Disabilities. Bishop Maletsky “Total gardening,” the Yukkovo boarding school, the social communications department of the Russian Museum “Fruits of Enlightenment.”

The cultural program of the festival was very diverse and unprecedented represented by outstanding and professional teams of the avant-garde scene of St. Petersburg and Moscow. The program was attended by: Alexei Aigi and the ensemble 4’33 “, Alexander Manotskov and Courage Quartet, Vladimir Volkov and Volkov Trio, the rock group AVIA, the group of young musicians” MolOv ensemble “. Russian Engineering Theater AHE presented the play “Foam Days”, in which he laid out the book of Boris Vian on molecules, with the help of a magic cube, water and polyethylene, foam and colored smoke.

For almost all the days of the festival on Maslenom the meadow of the Mikhailovsky Garden, in the most direct sense, was created by Anton Adasinsky and his theater DEREVO. Visitors to the garden had a unique opportunity not only to see a series of performances of the legendary theater, but also to observe rehearsals and the creative process, in real time, which accompanied the creation of an epic play in four parts entitled “Wolf’s TANGO”.

On the ponds of the Mikhailovsky Garden on June 11, a grand performance on the super-message of Velimir Khlebnikov took place