The newspaper Smena for June 1972 published an article “Green Island” about the Summer Garden.

The article tells about the history of green garden decoration, about not the simple fate of trees.

The oak of Peter’s time is also mentioned, the oldest tree in the garden. In 2014, this oak tree received the status of “Monument Tree of Wildlife”. His age was more than 300 years. And now, with the acorns of this oak, employees of the Summer Garden grow seedlings that are planted in various cities and countries as part of the Peter the Great All-Russian Oak Forest project.

The author of the article spoke with the green plant master Lidia Alexandrovna Gubskaya, who at that time had been working in the Summer Garden for more than 20 years. Lidia Alexandrovna came to the garden in 1946 as a senior researcher. In March 1947, when Peter Kondratievich Lobanov retired, she became the head of the garden. In this position, she will work until the end of the 1970s.

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