The photographs depict the southern facade of the Mikhailovsky (Engineering) castle with a difference of 133 years.

The first photograph dates from 1887. The Resurrection Canal, already passing along the southern facade of the castle, is already filled up. Instead of a channel bed, bushes and trees were planted near the walls. Under the ground was the Three-Part Bridge in front of the main entrance to the castle. The sandy parade ground around the monument to Peter I was turned into a lawn. A fence has been set up to protect the land and lawn. Trees along Klenova Street will appear in two years. The facade of the Mikhailovsky Castle is open and available for viewing.

The next photo of our days. Trees and shrubs along the walls of the castle removed. The Three-Part Bridge and part of the Resurrection Canal have been restored. Trees planted along Klenova Street have grown and their crowns overlap the castle facade. At the beginning of 1948-1950, the Engineering Square was recreated on the site of the lawn. Authors of the project architects V.D. Kirkhoglani, E.I. Katonin and N.V. Rams. Currently, the facade of the castle is covered with tree crowns, and it can only be viewed from Castle Street. And of course, in modern photographs of St. Petersburg, cars are constantly in the frame.

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