There was already a publication about Solanum tuberosum L. this week, but you can talk about this vegetable endlessly.

In his botanical dictionary, Nikolai Annenkov lists more than 60 names of potatoes that took place on the territory of the Russian Empire. Barabolya, Bulba, Gulena, Parfenka, Gardiburka and Mandiburka, Gordzola, Kartysha, Mazurka and many other names for potatoes can be found in this dictionary.

In Europe, the first drawing of a potato was made by Karl Clusius, a French-Dutch botanist in 1588. The name Solanum tuberosum was introduced in 1596 by the Swiss botanist Kaspar Baugin in his book “Theatri botanici”. But before the time of Karl Linnaeus, other names for potatoes were also practiced. For example, in 1613 the German botanist Basilius Besler named the potato in his book “Hortus Eystettensis” Papas Peruanorum.

Currently, botanists call this vegetable Solanum tuberosum L., and in the common people – potatoes.

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