The Sveza company took part in the Tree of Life charity event of the Russian Museum.

This is an annual event that promotes the regeneration of the woody composition of the Mikhailovsky Garden and the preservation of its species diversity. Participants of the action are planting new trees to replace the lost old ones. At the same time, the planting of plants takes place according to the rules of modern technology, and a personal medal with information about the type of tree, as well as who planted it and when, is fixed on the tree. “This is a special event in the life of the city, because thanks to the efforts of the museum staff, a unique historical garden has been preserved in the center of St. Petersburg, and today residents and guests can see it practically in its original form,” said Alexander Protchenko, head of the Forest Management Department of Sveza “.

Sveza has been cooperating with the Russian Museum since the beginning of 2020. “Supporting culture and art is one of the key areas of corporate social responsibility of the company. We are glad to take part in museum promotions. So, in early October we will take part in the ecological “ART-subbotnik in the Mikhailovsky Garden”, – said Valentina Likhacheva, director of corporate communications at Sveza.

Another event in early October was the “All-Russian oak grove of Emperor Peter the Great.” In the Summer Garden there is an oak tree that was planted by Peter I. Every autumn, acorns are collected from this legendary tree, then acorns are germinated in pots. And it is at the Sveza plant in St. Petersburg, which celebrates its 110th anniversary this year, that the grown oaks will be planted.

Sveza is committed to respecting the environment: in the regions where the company operates over the past year, more than 2.2 thousand hectares of forests were replenished with more than a million new trees. Sveza employees take part in tree-planting and forestry volunteer activities, involve their friends and family members.