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The garden of the Russian Museum.

March 18, 2018|0 Comments

Currently, the Russian Museum is run by the Summer and Mikhailovsky Gardens, the Mikhailovsky Castle Garden and the Engineering Square. For many residents and visitors of the city, this is still an unexpected surprise, and [...]

The murder of Emperor Alexander II and the history of the appearance of the fence of Parland.

March 12, 2018|0 Comments

On March 13 (1), 1881, the people of Emperor Alexander II murdered people on the embankment of the Catherine Canal (the Griboedov Canal). On this day the emperor went to the inspection of troops in [...]

Over the past few decades the Russian Museum became a complex of ensembles of St.Petersburg gardens and palaces in historical centre of former Russian capital

Nowadays it affiliates Mikhailovsky palace surrounded by the Mikhailovsky garden, Mikhailovsky (Engineers) Castle with the garden around, two towers – guardhouses – are included into the complex of Mikhailovsky (Engineers) Castle, and the Maple Alley connecting the guardhouses with the Castle, together with the Engineers Public Garden on each side of the Alley. On the corner of Nevsky prospect and Moika river the splendid Stroganovsky palace is situated, across the Mars Field on Millionnaya street – strict Marble Palace with the reconstructed winter garden and fountain. The main garden of the Russian Museum is the Summer Garden with the Summer Palace of Peter I and the real highlight – the first building of Saint Petersburg, House of Peter I on the Petrovskaya embankment hidden in the grove of old trees.

St.Petersburg gardens

The total area of the gardens and cour d’honneur of the palaces is more than 30 hectares

In contrast to the magnificent palaces and gardens ensembles of Petrehof, Tsarskoe Selo, Pavlovsk and Gatchina that were initially designed as gardens and parks complexes. The Russian Museum incorporated gradually St.Petersburg gardens in 21st century and transformed them from the city overgrown parks into the original imperial gardens that were the beginning of Saint Petersburg.

imperial gardens festival

«Imperial Gardens of Russia» is an annual celebration of landscape art in St.Petersburg gardens

A grandiose celebration with various landscape compositions, garden installations, and art-objects in the spotlight, allowing for a new dialogue on a different topic each year with visitors to the St.Petersburg gardens, which makes each festival unique and unlike the ones that came before.

The festival “Imperial Gardens of Russia” continues!
The FIRST festival will be held in SUMMER GARDEN and will be dedicated to floral decoration and floristics.
Theme and name of the XI festival –
June 21-27, 2018

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