November 21, 2017, the year of the 15th anniversary of the International School of Design (St. Petersburg), a landmark event took place – a solemn planting of maple (Acer platanoides) in the Mikhailovsky Garden of the Russian Museum! For the School it is an undeniable recognition of the contribution of IDS-Petersburg to the cultural life of the northern capital. Earlier, the planting of a maple in the Mikhailovsky Garden was entrusted only to Zhores Alferov, to take the baton from the Nobel laureate, preserving the traditions of the Russian Museum, – it is a great honor!
Representatives of the International School of Design took part in the solemn planting of the maple: President of the School Nadezhda Nikolaevna Lazareva, Director of the School in St. Petersburg Elena E. Kuteinikova, teachers, alumni and employees of IDS-Petersburg; as well as representatives of the Russian Museum: the chief curator of gardens Olga Albertovna Cherdantseva, deputy director of the Russian Museum, the head of the branch “Summer Garden, Mikhailovsky Garden and green areas of the museum” Sergei Vladimirovich Renni, head of the sector of monitoring and accounting of green spaces Ekaterina Zhukova, head of the sector of socio-cultural development gardens and green areas Elena Yefgrafova and other employees of the department of study, conservation and development of gardens of the Russian Museum.
We also received an invitation to join the International Society of Friends of the Russian Museum.