On July 9, 1959, Anna Akhmatova wrote a poem:

I want roses, in that one garden
Where the best in the world is made of fences

Where the statues remember me young
And I remember them under Nevsky water.

In the fragrant silence between regal lindens
To me the mast of the ship seems to creak.

And the swan, as before, swims through the ages,
Admiring the beauty of his double.

And they sleep dead hundreds of thousands of steps
Enemies and friends, friends and enemies.

And the procession of shadows cannot see the end
From a granite vase to a palace two.

My white nights whisper there
About someone’s high and secret love.

And all the mother of pearl and jasper burns,
But the light source is mysteriously hidden.

This poetic creation created the image of the Summer Garden in the second half of the 20th century.

In the 21st century, the Summer Garden has changed. Fountains, a greenhouse, pavilions and trellis appeared. But centuries-old trees remained: three hundred-year-old linden trees and oak, which is about 350 years old. Gardens tend to change, and perhaps someone will write a new poem about the renewed Summer Garden.

There are six days left before the opening of the Summer Garden.

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