Dear friends and colleagues!
We invite you to the IV International Landscape Forum-Exhibition “Green Arrow” ONLINE!
The Green Arrow Forum is a unique opportunity
Improve your expertise
Get on par with industry leaders
Learn about modern trends
Learn to advertise and sell your services online
35 speakers from 10 countries of the world and 10 regions of the Russian Federation will demonstrate cases of 60 of their projects.
From Kaliningrad to Vladivostok, from San Francisco to Berlin – the whole world is with us! And you?
The time for non-standard solutions, quick reactions, bold ideas has come. New formats are entering the scene, and now, more than ever, it is important to be open to everything new, to absorb new knowledge, to communicate with those who are on the same wavelength, to appropriate the experience of those who are already doing, creating, changing!
We will cover the following topics:
Remote work format for landscape designers
Post-Pandemic Marketing: A Guide to Survival
Revitalization: a new life for abandoned territories
Therapeutic gardens and sculpture parks
Organization of landscape works in various regions
Experience of world landscape bureaus: TOPOTEK1 (Germany), DELANEY + CHIN (USA), MVRDV (Netherlands)
Algorithms for budgeting and submission of landscape projects

Take part in a profile ONLINE EXHIBITION!
We analyzed the behavior of people at various exhibitions and the points of contact between the exhibitor and the visitor. We reproduced as much as possible a set of interactions, from informational to transactional, and made a Human Online Exhibition, not just cubicles for sending messages to a vacuum! The cost of participation in the exhibition is free for the exhibiting company (subject to payment for the standard participation in the online broadcast of the Forum).
We are uncovering new advertising opportunities in the era of the 6th technological order!
Benefits of the ONLINE Forum:
Program for 3 days, 11 hours a day – 33 hours of useful information!
More speakers and participants than offline. The entire industry will be with us, and you will not spend money on flights and will be present in the safest epidemiological environment.
Possibility to purchase recordings of reports.
Advanced communication tools.
New networking opportunities.
A community of like-minded people who speak the same language with you.
Gifts from Forum Partners.
You can connect at the right time for your chosen reports.
General Forum chat that will always work for you!
Communication with speakers in the Forum chat.
General exhibition chat that will always work for you!
The cost of access to the online broadcast is 5500 rubles. for three days!!!
The cost of participation in one day (any) is 2000 rubles!
The cost of online participation plus individual access to viewing the Forum recording is 8500 rubles.
Individual access to viewing the Forum recording without participating in the online broadcast – 7500 rubles.
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General partners of the Forum are the market leaders of modern irrigation and lighting systems – Irrikom Group of Companies, Hunter & FXLuminaire