– a type of spatial art that creates a volumetric image, carved from stone, cast from bronze, carved from wood or formed from cement. Other materials are also possible, such as plastic bottles, used tires.
In ancient times, sculptures served not only to decorate gardens and atriums, but also carried a sacred meaning. The sculptures mainly depicted the numerous gods of the ancient pantheon. Therefore, often at the feet of the sculptures performed an act of sacrifice in order to propitiate God and get his support.

In the Renaissance, sculpture reappears as a decoration for the gardens of the Renaissance. Often to decorate gardens, especially in Italy, they used sculptures that were taken from the ground. In the 18th century, one of these antique sculptures was acquired by Peter I and installed on the alley of the Summer Garden. DEAR SUBSCRIBERS, WRITE IN COMMENTS WHAT IS THE CALLED OF THIS SCULPTURE?

During the time of Peter the Great, a large number of marble sculptures and busts were ordered to decorate the Summer Garden. Basically, they carried an allegorical meaning. We will make a separate post about the sculpture of the Summer Garden, and maybe not even one.

After 1917, a political meaning began to be put into garden sculpture. “Girl with an Oar”, “Pioneer with a Horn” and other sculptures adorned the Central Park of Culture and Leisure in various cities. Thus, in the Mikhailovsky Garden, the sculpture “Liberation of the Peasantry” was carved from the trunk of a dried oak tree. And in 1934, a sculptural group “Lenin and Children” or “Happy Childhood” was installed on the grounds of the Mikhailovsky Garden.

No matter how the political situation in the country changes, there have always been sculptures in gardens and parks. Now, in order to preserve the original marble sculpture of the Summer Garden, it has been replaced with copies of polymer marble. But even copies decorate the garden well and fill it with ideological and artistic meaning.

Enjoy your walks in the gardens of the Russian Museum.

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