My elder brother,
Russian Museum, starting with the Mikhailovsky Palace!

With all my heart, congratulations from your closest garden. For your sake, I even changed the name. With you, we endured many trials, but survived. And even self-isolation will be tolerated even more so.

Back in 1895, we became both: you are a museum, and I am a museum garden. I served as your decoration, and you bought trees and bushes for me. This went on for nearly 30 years. Then they passed me on to others, but I was still there. At the end of the 20th century, the battered and half-launched me was returned to you and you brought me into a brilliant historical look again and filled my life with festivals, holidays and good people.

I wish you to remain eternally relevant. I wish that queues from those wishing to see your collections stood by my fences. And I will continue, as before, to delight the eyes of your visitors already on the way to you.

Part of the complex of the Russian Museum is the Mikhailovsky Garden (until the change of name to the Third Summer).

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