On the eve of the birthday of the founder of our city, Emperor Peter the Great, the 350th anniversary oak-descendant, grown from oak acorns, was solemnly planted on the territory of Peter’s house.

The solemn ceremony of planting the 349th and 350th numbered oak trees, which have been cultivated by the caring hands of the Summer Garden employees for 7 years, was attended by the Director General of the Russian Museum Vladimir Gusev, the head of the branch “Summer Garden, Mikhailovsky Garden and the green areas of the museum” Sergey Rennie, as well as the chairman of the committee on culture of St. Petersburg Boltin Fedor.

Before the ceremony, Vladimir Gusev, addressing the audience, noted that the age of the oak growing in the Summer Garden is more than 371 years, and on June 9 the whole country will celebrate the 350th anniversary of the birth of Peter the Great. And if the oak could speak, he would surely tell us about Peter, what he was like, because each of them saw each other.

The Chairman of the St. Petersburg Committee for Culture, Fyodor Boltin, congratulated the Russian Museum on the upcoming birthday of Peter the Great, and noted that the city’s museums had prepared a large 200 events during the year dedicated to this anniversary date. Including the opening of an exhibition within the walls of the Russian Museum.

At the end of the ceremony, the director of the Russian Museum noted that the program “All-Russian Oak Forest of Emperor Peter the Great”, in which many cities throughout Russia, as well as countries of near and far abroad, will continue its work, will continue to support the preservation of historical gardens, landscape traditions arts and drawing attention to the problems of conservation of old-growth trees.