Mentha × rotundifolia (L.) Huds. – the scientific name for apple mint. It is also called: round-leaved mint, Egyptian mint, golden mint, wild balsam, confectionery mint.

Perennial herbaceous aromatic plant, which is an interspecific hybrid of long-leaved mint (Mentha longifolia Huds.) And sweet mint (round-leaved) (Mentha suaveolens Ehrh.).

According to ancient Greek legend, the name of the genus comes from the name of the river nymph Minfa (or Minty), which the god of the underworld Hades fell in love with. Upon learning of the betrayal, the wife of Aida Persephone turned the girl into a fragrant mint.

According to The Plant List, the genus Mint includes 42 species and hybrids.

Apple mint has a delicate flavor and aroma that are not accompanied by a sensation of cold. Taste qualities make it possible to use apple mint for the preparation of sweet dishes.

Blooming apple mint can be seen in the garden bed in the Krasnaya Sad bosquet, which is located in the center of the Summer Garden.

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