April 4 – World Day of Stray Animals. He is initiated to recall the homeless brothers of our smaller ones, to show empathy and care for them. As the hero of Saint Exupery said, “we are responsible for those who have been tamed.”
Our post is dedicated to animals, in the first place, of course, to cats living on the territory of cultural objects. The whole of St. Petersburg knows the famous Hermitage cats, known for their numerous reports, photos and souvenirs,
The Russian Museum has its museum tailed workers. You can meet the seals in the courtyards of the Mikhailovsky Palace and see them basking in the lawns in front of the Mikhailovsky Castle. Employees of the museum love their striped assistants, so they feed them, monitor their health.
There are pets in the gardens of the Russian Museum. Walking through the Summer Garden, you can see the cats and cats, walking among the tapestries and bosquetes. They help the garden staff to fight rodents, so they are loved and taken care of by them. The appearance of a cat among Peter’s mistakes causes a furor and the desire to hold a photo session. True, summer cats do not like to pose, so making a good shot is not so easy.
In April the museum gardens are closed to dry. But from May 1, they will open for visitors. And then everyone will be able to try to make a photograph of the cultured cats lurking among the tapestries.