Did you know that while walking in the Summer Garden you can visit the archaeological exhibition for free?

In the process of restoration during excavations in the garden, large collections of earthenware, porcelain and glassware, garden ceramics, tiles and tiles, smoking pipes, coins, buttons, bottles, and bone products were collected. The total number of finds transferred to the Russian Museum for storage exceeds 5,000 items.

Among the finds are unique items, such as lead plates with inscriptions used to mark fountain pipes or shut-off taps, tools and jewelry from the 18th century.
The numismatic collection includes a silver flake coin from the reign of Ivan the Terrible, Swedish coins of the 17th century, a beshlyk of the Crimean Khanate during the reign of Gaza Giray (1704-1706), Russian coins of the early 18th century.

Some ideas about the archaeological finds in the territory of the Summer Garden are given by the exhibition opened in the bosquet “Bird’s Yard” in the recreated “Dovecote” pavilion.

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