We inform you that an act of vandalism was committed in the Summer Garden – the sculpture “Noon” was damaged, its arrows were broken off. The culprits could not be detained.

The bunch of arrows may have been broken off due to its use as a support when photographing.

We kindly ask you not to put children on the sculpture’s pedestals and not climb up to embrace the sculptures yourself. These are expensive copies of original sculptures that preserve the composition of the Summer Garden. Their restoration is not an easy task.

Let’s still remember the cultural code of our beloved city and support it.

“Noon” is the carrier of the sun. He has a sun disc on his forehead, and a bow on his back. Arrows in the hand, reminiscent of the sun’s rays. In the other hand is a branch of a lotus flower, which, according to ancient beliefs, rises from the water with the sun and hides into the water at sunset. The lotus in this case is depicted as a flowering twig. At the feet of the young man is a sunflower – the flower of the sun. Among its attributes are the signs of the Zodiac, by which the rotation of the Earth was determined in ancient times.

Noon turns its face to the languid and flirtatious Aurora. She always looks at him, but flies forward and always remains elusive.

The copy is damaged. The original of the sculpture “NOON”, sculptor D. Bonazza, Italy, 1717. is located in the Mikhailovsky Castle of the Russian Museum.