On February 13 (February 2, old style) 1769, Ivan Andreevich Krylov was born a Russian publicist, poet, fabulist, publisher of satirical and educational journals.

During his stay in St. Petersburg, Ivan Andreevich loved to walk along the alleys of the Summer Garden with his friends. Many contemporaries of Krylov recall that Ivan Andreevich could often be seen dormant on a garden bench.

After the death of the fabulist in 1855, a monument to Krylov by the sculptor P.K. Klodt, on the pedestal of which the author depicted the heroes of Krylov’s fables. Since its installation in the Summer Garden, the monument has become a place of attraction for urban children.

In the future, we will surely once again guess the riddle about the monument to I.A. Krylov.

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