The primrose was known in ancient times and was considered the medicinal flower of Olympus: it was called the dodecateon (flower of the 12 gods) and believed that it was the cure for all ailments. In Russia, primrose has long been known. Even under Catherine II, she was bred in greenhouses.

The name “primrose” comes from the Latin word prímus (“first”) and is explained by the fact that many types of primrose bloom in early spring, one of the first, sometimes even before the snow completely melts. From here comes the Russian name. Small yellow flowers of “primrose” are among the first to blossom in spring gardens.

Typically, the flowering period of primrose is from April to June, and this year is mid-February.
Many primroses in nature grow in humid places – along the banks of mountain streams and streams, in wet meadows.

In landscape design, primroses have long become one of the most beloved plants. Some people think that unlike the “cold” tulips and daffodils, primrose is more “warm” and therefore more attractive. Even the only modest primrose bush in the spring garden with yellow “key” flowers always captures the eye. When you see the bright groups of numerous colorful spring beauties, you understand why it is primrose that opens the joyful flowering of the kingdom of Flora.
There are many legends about the origin of primrose, we will share one of them:
A blond princess lived in one of the beautiful meadows, who fell in love with a handsome young man, but for some reason he did not notice her. In desperation, the princess asked the sorceress that the young man reciprocate her. And the sorceress turned the princess into a primrose – a flower that first blossoms in the spring, and it is completely impossible to pass by it.

Fontanka correspondent succumbed to the modest charm of these flowers: in search of snowdrops in the Mikhailovsky Garden he photographed the first flowers of primrose. His photo also included fir spruce branches, which is not accidental in the garden, they cover roses for the winter.

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