Spring is already beginning to give us warm and sunny days, which means that active life in our gardens is already very close. On the eve of the rapidly approaching season, professionals in the field of gardening and landscape art, as well as museum researchers will gather at the conference “Ecology of Historic Gardens and Parks: Challenges, Threats in the Conditions of Modern Megacities”. The conference, where specialists from historical gardens and parks will speak, will be held this Wednesday, March 23, on the territory of Expoforum as part of the XXII INTERNATIONAL FORUM “ECOLOGY OF THE BIG CITY”.

The gardens of the Russian Museum will be presented by our colleague, Ekaterina Zhukova, Ph.D. The report will be devoted to the theme “Preservation of old-growth trees in the gardens of the Russian Museum as the most valuable gene pool in the modern conditions of the metropolis.”

Moderator of the section of the National Association “Revival of Historic Gardens and Parks”, whose activities are aimed at developing inter-museum relations in the field of conservation and exploitation of historical territories, their popularization and careful attitude towards them. During the conference, experts will consider the most pressing environmental issues of historical gardens and parks located in the urban environment, as well as talk about unique projects implemented in this area.

We are waiting for you, March 23, 2022 EXPOFORUM Congress Center, floor A, halls A1-A2, from 11.00 – 16.00

We will tell you about the results of the conference in the following posts.