Friends, big greetings from the Small Greenhouse of the Summer Garden! This is where citrus fruits wintered. And how we wintered – the crop grew! During the long winter, you probably forgot that the Summer Garden has its own collection of tub-greenhouse plants, more than 100 pieces.

Citrus fruits were brought to the Summer Garden from Italy in 2012, and rare, orange trees from Het Loo, the summer palace of the Royal Netherlands in Apeldoorn. These trees are the descendants of oranges that Peter I first saw when visiting the cousin’s palace.

The collection includes lemon trees, oranges, fortunella (aka kumquat, kinkan). The bulk of the cadre in summer is represented in the Red Garden – here fortunella, lemon and orange trees. Oranges also exhibit in the house, lemons at the Tea House, oranges near the playground.

They are brought into the greenhouse in late September – early October, and taken out into the street in mid-May, when the optimum temperature is set on the street (about 12 degrees). Soon it will be possible to admire these beautiful trees in the Summer Garden, but for now – a few photos from the Small Greenhouse.

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