In August 1943, the Executive Committee of the Leningrad Soviet of Working People’s Deputies decided to create a commission to establish the damage caused by the actions of the German fascist invaders.

Such a commission was created to assess the damage to the Summer Garden. The commission included: the chief architect of the city Nikolai Varfolomeevich Baranov, director of the United Economy of the House of Entertaining Sciences Ivan Grigorievich Goncharov, a scientist gardener of the Botanical Garden Nikolai Ivanovich Kurnakov, gardener of the Summer Garden Pyotr Kondratyevich Lobanov, chief accountant Anna Petrovna Ivanova, head of the production department of the Department of Arts Boris Sergeevich Kurenkov, chairman of the trade union Elena Antonovna Stirikovich, expert of the Expert evaluation bureau of the city commission Konstantin Mikhailovich Dmitriev.

Members of the commission worked throughout the fall of 1943 assessing the damage done by the Nazis. By December 24, 1943, on the basis of expert opinions, an act was drawn up on the damage that was caused to the Summer Garden during the blockade of Leningrad. This did not take into account the damage caused to buildings located on the territory of the Summer Garden. All materials are attached to the publication.

The total damage amounted to 29.249.470 rubles, of which the damage to the green economy amounted to 21.390.000 rubles. Irretrievably lost in the Summer Garden: 328 trees and 360 shrubs. Many plants were injured by bombs and shells, from which they dried out in the post-war years. But most of the plants in the Summer Garden were preserved thanks to the efforts of the gardeners.

The restoration of the Summer Garden began in 1944. Lawns were made in place of vegetable gardens, slots for shelter from shelling and bombing were filled in, paths were partially restored. In the summer of 1944, the Summer Garden was opened to visitors.
Please read the attached documents to remember those people who have preserved the gardens of the Russian Museum to this day. The documents are kept in TsGALI St. Petersburg.

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