On October 8, the collective and students of the “Children’s Ecological and Biological Center” of the Elabuga District of the Republic of Tatarstan and school No. 10 solemnly carried out planting of seedlings grown from oak acorns from the time of Peter I.

Oak is a symbol of immense vitality and longevity. An adult tree has a mighty crown and roots, so a sunny place on the spacious area of ​​St. George’s Park was chosen for planting seedlings. Participants set up signs with information about their origins. And they were included in the register of hereditary seedlings. This information will appear on the interactive map “All-Russian oak grove of Peter the Great” on the site “Gardens of the Russian Museum”.

“During the event, the children were openly proud of their participation in such an important matter! The students are ready to take care of the seedlings so that the oaks will grow and decorate the St. George Park!” – said the director of DEBTs Asiya Akhtyamova.

Petrovskaya oak grove is growing.