On January 16, 2018, Esperienze di paesaggio will be held at TGK “Izmailovo” (Gamma Hotel, Delta Hotel, Moscow) – the author’s master class of the world-famous Italian landscape architect Vittorio Peretto,

The event is part of the Year of Ecology of Russia with the support of ALAROS, the Italian Institute of Culture, the Association of Country Hotels and the Federation of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers. The organizer is the “Planet of Hotels” Mediad. Details and receipt of applications for participation – on the official website of the event http://landscape.hotelsinfoclub.ru/

Maestro Peretto is known not only abroad. For many years he has been a permanent member of the jury of the Moscow International Festival “Gardens and People”. High professionalism, subtle sense of nature, ability to weave the created project into the surrounding space allow calling it one of the most popular landscape architects in the world.

“Vitorio is a true genius. A great professional, open to communication, always ready to share his knowledge. His works are a whole universe in which the natural terrain, flowers and trees are organically combined with installations and music. Vittorio knows and highly appreciates the culture, the history of Russia and draws inspiration from the Russian landscape. As a person living in a region with a huge number of famous parks, I can say: the gardens created by Vittorio are the most poetic. They became real pearls of Lake Como “(Tatyana Rykun, publisher of the magazine” Lake Como “, Italy).

In the course of the master class, aimed at landscape architects and designers, as well as heads of country and resort hotels, the maestro will tell what a landscape project is, the main points that should be taken into account when creating a landscape, the particularities and significance of creating a landscape for hotels, its impact on popularity and popularity of the hotel.

The master will also consider the issues of zoning, creating space for breakfast, rest or reading, a music area, a reception area, places for observing nature, children’s playgrounds.

A separate theme of the master class will be “Green Science” – the art of combining flowers and fragrances, including fruit trees and gardens in a common project, the selection of plants for both warm and cold areas, as well as the creation of an all-season garden.

The maestro pays special attention to the topic of monetization of the territory: how to make the created landscape work and bring income.

Each stage of the master class will be accompanied by a workshop. In total, no more than 90 participants are expected.

Attention! To the work of the master class on the landscape architecture of suburban facilities – hotels and estates – is joined by the famous Italian architect Massimo Forese, one of the founders of the studio “+39 Architects”. Massimo Forese is not only an unquestionably talented architect, but also a master of combining the competencies of specialists of different directions within the framework of one project.

The duration of the event is 8 academic hours. Based on the results of the master class, a certificate is issued.

The previous master class of Vittorio Peretto was held on May 29 in Moscow. To see how it was and the responses of the participants can be HERE: http://landscape.hotelsinfoclub.ru/#bec

Date of the master class: January 16, 2018.

Venue: Izmailovo TGC (Gamma, Delta), Moscow-1 Hall (Moscow, Izmailovskoye Highway 71, 4).

The cost of participation in the master class is 10,000 rubles.

Special price for registration of 2 people from the organization – 15 000 rubles.

For members of ALAROS, FRIO and Moscow Landscape Club – an additional 10% discount on the promo code PARTNER

With a group of 3 people – special conditions for participation are provided.

Reference information – + 7 (926) 203 62 22, shunins@yandex.ru

Details and receipt of applications for participation – on the official website of the event http://landscape.hotelsinfoclub.ru/