Загрузка Мероприятия
Это мероприятие прошло.

March 1, the beginning of calendar spring. True weather for the window can not be said that spring has come. Meeting the spring on the calendar is the most hopeless occupation, especially in Russia, which until 1918 lived on the Julian calendar, and now on the Gregorian calendar. By the old style today is only February 16. Weather can be very different: the maximum monthly average air temperature in March is 3.6 ° C, and the minimum monthly average temperature is -11.6 ° C. In March, you can ski, and you can enjoy snowdrops on lawns in the gardens.
Astronomy lovers consider the spring equinox to be a real springtime. In 2018 the astronomical spring will come on March 20, when the night in duration becomes equal to a day.
Gardeners, foresters and all who are connected with the living nature of the onset of spring are noted by the phenological phases. In St. Petersburg, gardeners consider the beginning of spring to be a sap movement at the maple leaf (Acer platanoides L.). Sokodvizhenie at the maple usually begins during a rapid melting of snow, when the sun warms the day, and at night it’s still cold, the temperature on the soil is still below zero. The beginning of this phenophase is easy to determine on a sunny day from the wound on the trunk will flow juice.
On what dates the spring does not meet, it will still come. Gardens of the Russian museum will blossom, and will please visitors.

Galanthus (snowdrop) on the lawn of the summer garden. March 9, 2014.

Crocuses, begin to get out of the earth in the Summer Garden. March 10, 2015.

Starlings on the lawns of the Mikhailovsky Garden. March 12, 2015.

Spring in the Mikhailovsky Garden. Photo 1990. Written by Richard Kalvar.

Lazorevka, which drinks juice from the tree-stuck maple tree (photo is not our gardens). March 2013 Author Yana.

Flowers of maple. May, 2007.

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