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Dear colleagues!

National Association “Revival of historical gardens and parks”

company «Andreas Stil Marketing»

official representative of the company “Shtil” in Russia

and the State Museum-Reserve “Tsarskoe Selo”

September 28, 2017 will hold a seminar

“Means of small-scale mechanization to facilitate and optimize seasonal work in the garden and park economy”

To participate in the seminar we invite directors, chief custodians, heads of mechanization and economic units, masters, staff of landscape and park departments of museum-reserves, city and municipal parks, landscaping sectors, landscape gardens, contractors; employees who directly work with park equipment.

The event will be held on September 28, 2017 from 11.00 to 16.00.

Venue: Conference Hall of the Catherine Palace.

The company “Shtil” organizes a transfer from the metro station “Kupchino” and back, as well as lunch between the theoretical and practical part.

The place of gathering at the Golden Gate.

The number of seats is limited, the presence of employees on an individual application.

To participate in the seminar, please send an application to higardens@mail.ru.

Contact person: Ekaterina Sergeevna Gomazkova, phone 8 921 886 46 94, e-mail address: higardens@mail.ru.

Director of the FGBUC GKADPMZ “Tsarskoe Selo”

Chairman of the Board of the “Revival of Historical Gardens and Parks”

O.V. Taratynova
Program of the seminar

“Means of small-scale mechanization to facilitate and optimize seasonal work in the garden and park economy”

September 28, 2017, from 11.00 to 16.00

Conference Hall of the Catherine Palace

GMZ “Tsarskoe Selo”

11.00 -12.30 The theoretical part of the seminar

Technics for work, novelties, comparison of battery and petrol units

Presentation of units.

Discussion, answers to questions.

12.30 – 13.30 Lunch

13.40 – 15.40 Practical part

Practical work with all submitted units

(Opportunity for participants to try the presented equipment)

Aleksandrovsky Park, GMZ “Tsarskoye Selo”

The workshop will present a technique that allows quickly and effectively to conduct such works as:

sawing trees
topiary haircut
digging holes for planting and for feeding
sprinkling of green plantations
harvesting foliage
cutting steel mesh, stone and pipes

In addition, representatives of the Company “Shtil”

will acquaint you with the latest technology
will tell you what are good and convenient battery tools, which conquer all the big segments of the market
in which cases the battery technology is not just not inferior, but also exceeds the gasoline
compare indicators, and you will be able to determine for your needs the right aggregates

All the tools can be tested on their own in practice.


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