Загрузка Мероприятия
Это мероприятие прошло.

Dear children, studios “Art-Atelier Palette”! Dear parents!

We invite you on September 6, 2017 to take part in the art project “Colorful crayons on gray asphalt: My St. Petersburg” and celebrate with us the beginning of the new academic year, creating drawings of crayons on the asphalt, dedicated to the most beautiful city in the world.

This year, in the courtyard of the Mikhailovsky Castle, the artists will draw a map-plan of the historical part of St. Petersburg, and the children, participants of the project, will fill it with their drawings. They will be able to draw beautiful ladies and gentlemen of past eras and our contemporaries, their friends and relatives, palaces and gardens, bridges, ships, fountains, fantastic future buildings, birds and pets living in St. Petersburg and all that fantasy will tell them. Children will meet with Muse of St. Petersburg and artists who will be their assistant in creative work. And we will draw to music!

Time of the project from 12.00 to 15.00.

Venue: Russian Museum, Mikhailovsky Castle yard

Address: st. Sadovaya, 2

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