Загрузка Мероприятия
Это мероприятие прошло.

What relation do these holidays have to the gardens of the Russian Museum? The most immediate.
Water is the main element in the life of plants, which constitute the main decoration of the gardens. They can not exist without water, so in the gardens of the Russian Museum there are watering systems for plants, which allow not only watering, but also carefully consuming water. Near the gardens are the waterways of the Neva, Fontanka, Moika, and in the gardens are ponds, so when caring for the gardens used drugs that are safe for the environment and water.
The summer garden appears as a result of Peter I’s desire to gain access to the Baltic Sea. The garden becomes the first, let it not be the sea, but already the seaside residence of Peter I. In 1703, Russian troops knock Swedes out of the Neva delta. On the Neva islands, they begin to build the Peter and Paul Fortress, the Admiralty Shipyard. The construction needed royal supervision, and Peter decides to settle nearby. For the royal residence choose a place on three sides surrounded by water. From the north of the water of the Neva, from the east and south two of its channels (modern rivers Fontanka and Moika). In 1716, from the west dug the Swan Canal and the island of Summer Garden is ready.
Of course, the Neva River is not a sea, and Peter creates an additional effect to build the Summer Palace on the cape, where the Fontanka River flows from the Neva. From the south, near the palace walls, a Havana was dug, connected to the river. The palace was surrounded on three sides by water and resembled a floating ship. This arrangement of the palace allowed water to arrive at the residence directly from the ship.
Among the summer gardens of the Summer Garden, a large number of waterworks are created in Petrovsky: ponds, fountains, a grotto with a water organ, fountains-crackers. During the restoration of the Summer Garden, eight fountains were recreated, which delight visitors from May to October. In the summer season, along the gardens, a huge number of pleasure craft swim with tourists, admiring the beauty of the gardens of the Russian Museum.

1. The Gulf of Finland.

2. Drip irrigation system in the Summer Garden. Photo 2015

3. Karpiev Pond in the Summer Garden.

4. On the shore of desert waves …, the artist A.N. Benois, 1916

5. Summer Palace of Peter the Great in the 1st floor. XVIII century., From the call. Berhgoltsa

6. The Summer Palace of Peter the Great is our days.

7. Plan of the Summer Garden with the placement of fountains.

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