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Dear colleagues!

September 28, 2017 National Association “Revival of Historic Gardens and Parks”, Andreas Shtil Marketing, the official representative of the “Shtil” in Russia and the State Museum-Reserve “Tsarskoe Selo” will hold a seminar “Means of small-scale mechanization to facilitate and optimize seasonal work in garden and park economy “.

The company “Shtil” has repeatedly represented its technique in the historical gardens and parks of our city and our country. The company’s technology is in the arsenal of many parks and contractors in Russia. We invite you to a seminar where the representatives of the “Shtil” company will acquaint you with the novelties of technology, will tell in detail about its advantages and economy, and also demonstrate the technique in work. During the seminar it will be possible to ask questions to the representatives of the company “Shtil”, to receive advice on the technique of working with the units and operation, and also to test the equipment in practice in the park independently.

The company “Shtil” also takes care of the transfer from the subway station “Kupchino” and back for participants, and organizes lunch between the theoretical and practical part.

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National Association “Revival of historical gardens and parks”.

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