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In Russia, “Sinichkin Day” is celebrated in November. This holiday was established on the initiative of the Russian Bird Protection Union in order to attract people’s attention to the numerous wintering birds in the northern latitudes: titmice, bluegrass, bullfinch, jays and other birds. On this day a winter season opens for birds, when feeding troughs are installed and hung up and feeding begins.

The gardens of the Russian Museum are also being prepared for winter. In the Summer Garden, Mikhailovsky Garden and on the Maple Alley, bright bird feeders were installed, so that everyone could join the garden staff and help feed the birds in difficult times for them. In addition, this winter in the Summer and Mikhailovsky gardens you can buy a universal food for birds.

To remind everyone of simple, but such important rules for feeding birds, as well as tell about birds that live in our gardens, the staff of the Russian Museum together with a professional ornithologist and schoolchildren of St. Petersburg hold an event dedicated to the beginning of the winter season for birds.

In the program of the event:


The Western Pavilion of Mikhailovsky Castle. Engineering st., 8,

Interactive program for children

Employees of the Russian Museum together with a professional ornithologist in an exciting game form will tell schoolchildren about wintering birds in the Summer and Mikhailovsky Gardens.

The hero of the day will be a big tit. Children will be introduced to the peculiarities of this popular bird in the city.

13: 00-13: 15

Maple walkway,

Children go out to the feeding troughs and feed the birds!

Rules for feeding birds in winter!

The best food for birds is raw sunflower seeds (in husk or peeled), dried berries (mountain ash, hawthorn), nuts.

In frost it is recommended to feed birds with fat without salt.

Baneful for birds!

Sharp, salted, fried, spoiled and moldy foods, raw rice and rye bread.