20 September-19 November 2018

“Expressionism in Russian art” is the next in a series of monographic exhibitions of the Russian Museum (“Russian Symbolism”, “Impressionism in Russia”, “Russian Neoclassicism”), dedicated to the largest trends in Russian art of the early twentieth century. Expressionism in the art of Europe and North America in the first third of the last century encompassed not only all kinds of fine arts, but also exerted a strong influence on literature, music, theater and cinema, on the world outlook of people. Each country has its own, national variant of this international trend.

Painting and graphic expressionism, along with works of Cubism, Futurism and non-objective art are regularly exhibited at exhibitions of the Russian avant-garde in the country and beyond its borders. For the first time in Russia and in the world, this multifaceted phenomenon becomes the theme of a separate monographic exposition. It will reveal the national features of this trend in Russia and the trends in its development at different stages, as well as the individual characteristics of the creativity of individual masters. Like the previous ones, the exhibition is based on the material of rich collections of paintings, graphics, engravings and sculptures of the Russian Museum.

The exhibition presents about 350 works of the 1900s – the mid-1930s, reflecting the spiritual search for Russian people of several turning points in the history of the country. Along with the works of NS Goncharova, MF Larionov, VV Kandinsky, MZ Chagall, PN Filonov, belonging to the heights of the world expressionist art, for the first time the less known works of their colleagues from art associations “Union of Youth”, “Donkey’s Tail”, “Jack of Diamonds”, “Society of Easelists”, “Circle” and others: BD Grigorieva, MV Le Dantu, OV Rozanova, I. C Shkolnik, VN Chekrygin, VI Kozlinsky, IL Lizak, VM Ermolaeva, Yu. P. Shchukin, Yu. I. Pimenov, VI Shukhaev, and others.

For the first time, printed graphics of Russian expressionism will be widely represented – easel engravings, lithographed books and posters.

The opening on September 20 at 16:00

General sponsor – VTB Bank (PJSC)

Russian Museum – http://www.rusmuseum.ru/benois-wing/exhibitions/expressionism-in-russian-art/#rmPhoto[gallery8434]/2/