Usually we talk about the newly planted oak trees of the program “Oak forests of Emperor Peter the Great”, but we never reported about the first oak tree. The first “Petrusha” was planted on July 7, 2012 on the territory of the Orbita children’s library, the garden department handed it over as a prize in the “My Family’s Garden” competition as part of the “Imperial Gardens of Russia” festival.

This year we are celebrating the 350th anniversary of Peter the Great and 10 years since the planting of the first “Petrushka”. In honor of these events, it was decided to install a commemorative plaque and present a certificate for the “first” seedling of the Petrovsky oak forest, the transfer of the commemorative plaque and certificate to the library will take place in May.

This year, on the occasion of the anniversary of Peter I, young readers of the libraries of the Moscow and Nevsky districts, living with Peter I for a year, drew interesting facts from the life of the emperor: about his hobbies, innovations, details of his lifestyle. Children’s work is included in the 2022 calendar published by libraries. Also, the facts about Peter I formed the basis of events that will be held in the libraries of these regions throughout the year.

We very much look forward to further cooperation and joint implementation of projects, because the gardens are now united not only by Peter I, but also by a piece of the garden planted 10 years ago on the territory of the Orbita library and some other seedlings of Peter’s oak planted in these areas of St. Petersburg.