On Friday, November 13, the next round table will be held as part of the online educational program of the Open International Competition and Festival of Urban Landscape Design “Flower Jam”. The theme of the round table will be garden fashion and current trends.

What trends in garden design will take root for a long time? Which garden will remain a source of pride for both the designer and the customer many years later, and which one will go out of fashion?

Let’s try to find out with our experts.

Roundtable participants will discuss:
– How global trends “grow” from the history, culture and traditions of individual countries and why the Italian landscape designer Christina Mazzuchelli spoke about the geometry of the garden at the conference of the Society of Garden Designers of Great Britain.
– How the Scandinavian aesthetics of planting without bright flowering plants became a global trend, and why more and more gardens dominated by green are being shown on Chelsea, instead of contrasts – nuances, accents – on the shape and texture of foliage and needles.
“Like aged corten, natural wood and natural stones have pushed nickel and plastic structures out of gardens.
– How does the imitation of the natural landscape in the garden affect psychological and physical health?
– What is a garden kitchen and a garden office, and why garden pavilions are at the height of fashion. How to move to the garden during a pandemic and will the trend continue after the threat of the epidemic is over.
– Why gardens in a natural style have caused the “garden furniture boom” and what is the connection between Finnish garden pavilions, the work of Russian avant-garde artists and Salvador Dali.

The round table speakers will be:
Christina Mazzukelli (Italy) – garden designer, winner of prestigious international awards, winner of the Flower Jam competition.
Heidi Hannus (Finland) – landscape designer, multiple prize winner of prestigious international exhibitions, winner of Finland’s highest award for entrepreneurship, author of over 1200 projects, participant of the Flower Jam competition.
Svetlana Lavrentieva (Finland / Russia) – landscape designer, planting design specialist.
Evgenia Russu (Russia, Samara) – landscape architect, head of the SADPARK group of companies, multiple winner of international garden competitions. Participant of the Flower Jam Festival 2018, 2020.
Yulia Sorokina (Russia) – organizer of the landscape festival and exhibition of gardens “Atmosphere” in Yekaterinburg
Marina Murzina (Russia) – biologist, dendrologist, landscape designer, head of the LAISS company, co-author of the garden that received the main prize of the Atmosphere festival
Olga Novitskaya (Russia) – landscape architect, co-author of the garden, which received the first place and the audience award of the Atmosphere festival
The round table will start at 18.00 Moscow time. You can watch the live broadcast and ask questions to the participants on the Flower Jam page on the Facebook social network https://www.facebook.com/moscowflowerfest
and on our YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB_xf54STLKIWnKci_9Q ..