We continue the theme of the post published May 15. To get rid of scrolling through the rapidly growing news feed, we give a link to the first part: https://vk.com/rusmuseum.gardens?w=wall-6269987_3845

Many members of the group wrote about the different uses of dandelions. Dandelion wine, jam, honey, salad, coffee, dandelion princesses and wreaths. Even a cupcake with dandelion flowers was offered (Ekaterina Udalova, do not share the recipe?). Even a dandelion was shown as a cartoon hero.

They also remembered the milky juice of this plant. This is so, but another type of Taraxacum kok-saghyz L.E. Rodin, Kok-sagyz, was used to produce rubber. If it is interesting, you can tell about this plant separately.

A very interesting use of dandelion as a life was suggested by the representative of the creative profession Elena Kurakina, a link to her page: https://vk.com/photo-105197972_387696643

Thanks to the group members who answered the question. These are: Marina Nadporozhskaya, Irina Tsvetkova, Natalya Zhukova, Ekaterina Udalova, Elena Kurakina, Elena Golub, Irina Rusinova, Larisa Subbotina, Julia Belavina, Irina Smirnova, Julia Maniskalko, Anastasia Shestakova. Thank you for your activity.

Since this is an unplanned post, the question is not removed, it sounds like this:


You can still have time to answer it in the comments. And now we will admire the works kindly provided by Elena Kurakina.

Be healthy and see you soon offline.

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