In the Mikhailovsky Garden on snowless and frost-free February, snowdrops begin to bloom. Their flowers have not yet opened, but they are ready to bloom at any moment.

For most flower lovers, all plants blooming in early spring are called “snowdrops.” Scientists of botany “snowdrops” call one genus Galantus family Amaryllis. The name of the genus is formed from the Latinized Greek words “gala” – milk and “anthos” – a flower, white flowers. In total, there are 19 species in the genus Galantus; two are used in the gardens of the Russian Museum.

The first is snow-white snowdrop (Galanthus nivalis). It blooms in the museum gardens before the rest of the snowdrops in early April. This year will bloom in February.

The second, folded snowdrop (Galanthus plicatus), which usually blooms toward the end of April.

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