Yesterday we talked about the plants of the Red Garden, and today our story is about plants growing in the flower gardens of the Mikhailovsky Garden.

Let’s start with geraniums. The genus Geranium L. has about 300 species. The name comes from the Greek word geranos, which means crane. For the similarity of fruits with the beak of a crane. On the territory of Russia, this plant is also called: Crane, Crane legs, Euranium, Robbery, Dove, Maple leaf, Hamster feeding, Maiden’s navels and many other popular names.

Geraniums have been used since ancient times as medicinal and ornamental plants. For example, meadow geranium, which uses rhizome. On the basis of many types of geraniums, gardeners received numerous varieties that are distinguished by their color and terry color, flowering time. Numerous types and varieties of geraniums are widely used in decorative floriculture. In Moscow gardens, geraniums were grown in the XVII century, but in all its glory they showed themselves in landscape gardens. Therefore, when creating the Mikhailovsky Garden, various geraniums were planted in flower beds.

Now in the flower gardens of the Mikhailovsky Garden you can see the following types of geraniums: red-brown (Geranium phaeum L.), meadow (G. pratense L.), Cambridge (G. × cantabrigiense Yeo.), Ashy (G. cinereum Cav.).

Types of geraniums and varieties derived from them have a wide ecological spectrum. Therefore, you can choose geraniums that will grow well in sunny flower beds, and other species will be decorative even in the shade. Very beautiful shade-tolerant species of geraniums look under the crowns of large trees, forming a colorful circle around the trunk.

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Mikhailovsky Garden will open in four days.

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