A minute of poetry. Poem by Eugene Renard.

Autumn is the time to dream and watch colorful dreams,
Drink the cold with the best jasmine tea,
Don’t feel slug or false guilt
From the fact that the rains, well, do not upset!

Autumn is the time of umbrellas that have long stagnated in the corner.
Time for new raincoats, boots in a multicolored cage –
To personally find out the depth and number of puddles,
And do not sigh sadly and miss the past summer.

Autumn is the time of poetry with the inevitable presence of phrases
About a dull time, leaf fall, vagaries of the weather …
Autumn is a reason to think, to feel “here” and “now”,
And, of course, love contrary to all the laws of nature!

Enjoy your walks in the autumn gardens of the Russian Museum.

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