(movie premiere)

On June 9, on the day of the 350th anniversary of the birth of Peter I, the Multimedia Center of the Russian Museum (Engineering Street, 8) will host a premiere screening of the film, timed to coincide with the anniversary date.

On this day, viewers will also be able to watch the film broadcast on the social networks Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki, on the Russian Museum Media Portal, on the rusmuseumvrm.ru website and on the Culture of the Russian Federation portal.

The Summer Palace of Peter I, located on the territory of the Summer Garden, became part of the Russian Museum in 2004. During its three-century history, the palace managed to change several owners, but the architectural appearance and layout of the building, as well as many details of its interior decoration, have survived to this day. The film tells about the complex restoration of the palace carried out in 2015-2017, which was preceded by the painstaking work of historians and art historians. During the restoration, the picturesque ceiling plafonds were restored, glorifying the deeds of Peter I and Catherine I in an allegorical form, wall decoration with painted Dutch tiles, oak doors and shutters, parquet floors and fabrics on the walls, and many other interior details. Particular attention was paid to the famous wind instrument, an anemometer, installed in the office of Peter the Great, which combines a clock dial and indicators of wind direction and speed. Thanks to the work of the restorers, the sculpture collection of the Summer Garden was saved from destruction.

Viewers will learn about the history of the building and its owners, see rare footage depicting various stages of restoration, hear stories from restorers and employees of the Russian Museum – Natalia Kareeva, head of the “Summer Palace and House of Peter I” sector, senior researcher, curator Anatoly Morozov, senior researcher Nikolai Novoselov, leading artist-restorer of the highest category of the department of restoration of easel oil painting Olga Klenova. Mr. Keeper will help you immerse yourself in the Petrine era – a kind of “genius loci” – “spirit of the place”, a witness to the life of the Summer Palace, who remembers the history of each item included in its interior. It appears on the screen every time the audience sees the exhibits of the Summer Palace, which once belonged to Peter I himself. remains a unique phenomenon in the history and culture of Russia.

The film was created with the support of the Sistema Charitable Foundation on the order of the Russian Museum by the Vremya Petersburg Producer Center together with the staff of the Virtual Russian Museum service. Director – Vener Yakubov, scriptwriter – Svetlana Biryukova.

After the premiere, it will be possible to watch the film on the big screen at the cinema of the Multimedia Center of the Russian Museum from June 16 to August 25, 2022. Screenings will be held every Thursday, the session starts at 19-00