The house sparrow (Latin Passer domesticus) is the most common species of the true sparrow (Passer) genus. One of the most famous birds living in the vicinity of a human dwelling (hence its specific name “brownie”).

Beginning in the 20th century, it was introduced to various countries, settled widely there and now lives in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, North and South America and on many islands.

Almost everywhere it is a sedentary bird; it usually does not fly further 2-3 km from its settlement.

Following human habitation, the sparrow penetrated far north into the forest-tundra and even tundra zone unusual for it – to the Murmansk region, the mouth of the Pechora, the north of Yakutia.
House sparrow is the most abundant bird species, estimated at 1.6 billion individuals, published in 2021.


Raw sunflower seeds (husked or peeled), any nuts, dried berries (mountain ash, hawthorn)

ATTENTION! Spicy, salty, sweet, fried, spoiled and moldy foods, raw rice and rye bread can be harmful to birds!

We kindly ask you DO NOT FEED the crows and pigeons on the territory of the gardens of the Russian Museum!