This week, a female great tit was discovered, which flew to us from Lithuania. This is evidenced by the number of the ring on her foot. Information about the bird will definitely be transferred to the Lithuanian Bird Ringing Center.

The bird feels great, quite well-fed, and we hope that it will meet at least its third spring in the Summer Garden.

Recall that at the beginning of last winter in the Summer Garden, a two-year-old male great tit, ringed by ornithologists from the city of Hanko in Finland, was met.

Over the 120 years of the history of this method of study, tens of millions of different birds have been ringed and marked in the world. Special rings worn by ornithologists on the paws of birds weigh fractions of a gram and do not interfere with them at all. All rings have their own unique number and, when ringed birds are found, it is reported to the Ringing Center (in our country in Moscow), which exchanges information about ringed birds with ringing centers in more than 50 countries of the world on all continents.