The main winter hero, besides Santa Claus, is the Snowman. What’s winter without a children’s favorite? So he is honored to celebrate his Day – January 18th.

The classic snowman, consisting of three snow globes and a carrot nose, appeared at the end of the 19th century. In the 19th century, snow creatures became an indispensable attribute of Christmas and New Year. Greeting cards featuring a cute, smiling snowman surrounded by cheerful children quickly gained popularity.

On January 18, the whole world celebrates International Snowman Day. This idea came to collector Cornelius Grötz from Germany. He began collecting snowman images as a young man and in 2008 he entered the Guinness Book of Records with his collection! It has more than three thousand exhibits! And all these are snowmen! The collector suggested celebrating Snowman Day. Cornelius thought like this: firstly, in mid-January there is snow in many countries, secondly, the number 18 looks like a snowman holding a broom in his hands, thirdly, there was no international holiday on this day yet!

Records are being set all over the world for sculpting the tallest snowmen:

⛄ The tallest snowman in Europe flaunts on the slopes of a ski resort in Austria, in the city of Galtür, its height reaches 16 meters 70 centimeters

⛄ The record for creating the tallest snowman in the world was set in the United States of America in 1999, its height is 37 meters 20 centimeters, and its weight is 6 thousand tons of snow.

⛄ The largest snowman in the world flaunts in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong, in the city of Foshan. Its height exceeds 20 meters. The diameter of his hat is 6 meters. And the carrot nose is one and a half meters!

⛄ In Latvia, on December 5, 2007, the Central Bank of Latvia issued a new one-later coin with the image of a snowman

Take time to enjoy winter and be sure to build your own snowman!⛄