Winter is also a great time of year for increasing physical activity, a season of freedom for winter games and fun in the fresh air.

Playing snowballs, sledding, sliding down ice slides will bring children so much fun, joy and pleasure, even just a walk in the winter garden with the whole family will bring health and unforgettable impressions. In addition, outdoor activities help strengthen the body.

Russia is one of the snowiest and coldest countries in the world. Even the harvest in our country depends on the amount of snow that falls in winter. It provides the bulk of the moisture plants need, so the more snow falls, the higher the harvest. The snowiest place in Russia is located in the Krasnaya Polyana area in Sochi (Krasnodar Territory), on Mount Achishkho: up to 10 meters of snow falls there in one season.

Half of the world’s population has never seen snow, only in photographs. At the same time, snowfall can fall in the most unexpected places on the planet. It is known that in December 2016 snow was recorded in the Sahara Desert. For the first time, its sand dunes were covered with snow in 1979: then the snow stayed there for about half an hour.