Four types of linden grow in the gardens. This is: Tilia cordata Mill. (small-leaved linden), T. platyphyllos Scop. (L. broadleaf), their natural hybrid T. × europaea L. (L. European), as well as T. americana L. (L. American). They differ in the pubescence of the veins on the inside of the leaf, the structure of inflorescences and the shape of the fruits. What unites them is one – a pleasant honey aroma.

Linden flowers are used in medicine. Until the middle of the 20th century, a bast was obtained from linden, from which they made matting, bast shoes, and bast. From this came the folk names of linden: lutoshka, bast, bast.

In St. Petersburg, linden is widely used for urban gardening. Linden is resistant to urban conditions and very decorative. In the gardens of the Russian Museum, linden is the bulk of the plantings.

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