Congratulations on the professional holiday of all workers of culture. Separate congratulations to the employees of the gardens of the Russian Museum, who carefully take care of and preserve monuments of landscape architecture.
Gardens from ancient times were not only a place of food production, but also served as a place of cultural life for a person. The initial meaning of the word “culture” – cultivation, was related to the cultivation of cereals, vegetables, and the cultivation of orchards. From the end of the XVIII century the word “culture” gets modern meaning.

Summer gardens in St. Petersburg were the first place where Peter instilled in his subjects a culture of creating gardens “in the European manner.” The lessons were not in vain, and by the middle of the 18th century the regular garden became an indispensable element of the city manor of St. Petersburg. Summer Garden in Peter’s time becomes a place where Russians get acquainted with European sculpture, with European traditions of celebrations. Peter I through the gardens sought to educate the subjects; remember the Fabled grove, where fountains were decorated, decorated with sculptures of the heroes of the fables of Aesop.
In the days of Catherine II in the Summer Gardens, the gardener Henry Eckleben acquaints the public with the culture of growing cereals on the ridges. By the way, I got good harvests.

In the XIX century, Summer and Mikhailovsky gardens become a place where famous Russian writers, poets and musicians walk and draw inspiration.
In the Soviet period, the gardens acquire new elements of culture and recreation. There are sports grounds, musical stages, places for exhibitions. Sculptures that correspond to the spirit of the times are established.
In the XXI century, the gardens of the Russian Museum – is not only a green corner among the giant metropolis. In the gardens active cultural life is boiling, concerts, festivals, holidays are held, the festival “Imperial Gardens of Russia” is held annually. In June 2018, the XI Festival under the name “Flower Assembly” will be held in the Summer Garden.

The staff of the branch Summer Garden, Mikhailovsky Garden and green areas of the museum congratulate you on the Day of the Worker of Culture.