Thursday – a wide revelry.

People indulged in all sorts of fun, ice mountains, buffoons, swings, fisticuffs, noisy feasts. On this day, to help the sun drive away the winter, people arrange by tradition horseback riding “in the sun” (clockwise). This was the most beloved and beautiful Maslenitsa ritual. Skating was accompanied by songs, playing harmonies and whistles.
The main action on Thursday is defense or taking a snow town. On this day a snow town with towers and gates was built on the rivers, ponds and fields, then the company was divided in half: some guarded the town, others had to take it by force.
The obligatory attribute of Maslenitsa was a bear – alive, chained in a chain, or a mummer. The Russian people were often in a fight with the bear.
People’s signs for this day:
If you consecrate water on the Church in the church, then with its help you can cure many ailments.
If February 15 feed the poultry with oats, it will breed good offspring.
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