Autumn is the time when new oak trees are born. Now acorns are falling from the oaks, which, having fallen to the ground, begin to give a root. In spring, a sprout of a young oak appears, and after a few decades – a beautiful tree.

Today the Summer Garden hosted the Oak Birthday celebration. During the holiday, acorns were planted from the Petrovsky oak – a monument of wildlife for the program “All-Russian Oakwood of Emperor Peter the Great”.

This year, the landing was carried out by students of the federal network of children’s technoparks KVANTORIUM. First, the children were given a tour of the Summer Garden, they listened to a lecture about the program of the Russian Museum “The All-Russian Oakwood of Emperor Peter the Great” and learned how to properly land.

Next, at the Tea House, the guys collected acorns that had fallen from an oak – a monument of wildlife and planted acorns in individual pots.

In the future, employees of the Summer Garden will grow oak trees up to 3-5 years of age, after which they will be transferred to different parts of our country and the world as part of the All-Russian Oak Forest of Emperor Peter the Great program.