Friends! We hasten to tell you good news. Today the Red Garden bosquet, better known as the garden of Peter the Great, will open for you in the Summer Garden.
The “Red Garden” was used as a garden, on the beds of which apothecary herbs and vegetables were grown. During the time of Peter I, the garden performed both economic and decorative functions.

Peter I had a special passion for fragrant herbs – such as rue, tansy, hyssop, mint and many others. Here was planted the first potato in Russia, brought from Holland, lettuce, artichoke. Today, the “Red Garden” is planted with plants that were grown in the Summer Garden under the emperor, or were popular vegetables and spicy crops in the Summer Garden in the 18th century.

But, even in the “Red Garden” beautiful tulips bloomed, which were carefully planted by our employees, together with employees of the Russian Museum from different departments in November last year as part of the “Golden Bulb” campaign. And very soon tulips will delight the guests of the garden.

We invite everyone to stroll through the gardens of the Russian Museum.